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DIN test results

Pelikan 620903 replaces HP C4127A

Pelikan 620910 replaces HP C4127X

Pelikan 621764 replaces HP C4096A

Pelikan 623010 replaces HP C7115A

Pelikan 623027 replaces HP C7115X

Pelikan 623218 replaces HP C8061A

Pelikan 623683 replaces HP Q2613X

Pelikan 623690 replaces HP Q2610A

Pelikan 623706 replaces HP Q1338A

Pelikan 623805 replaces HP C8061X

Pelikan 623829 replaces Canon-T FX-8

Pelikan 624222 replaces HP Q2612A

Pelikan 624253 replaces HP Q2613A

Pelikan 625397 replaces HP Q7516A

Pelikan 626738 replaces HP Q5949X

Pelikan 626752 replaces HP Q6511X

Pelikan 627612 replaces HP Q5949A

Pelikan 627650 replaces Canon-EP-27

Pelikan 627735 replaces HP C9730A

Pelikan 627773 replaces HP Q7553A

Pelikan 627780 replaces HP Q7553X

Pelikan 627797 replaces HP Q7551A

Pelikan 627803 replaces HP Q7551X

Pelikan 629111 replaces HP Q5950A

Pelikan 629111-128-142-135 replaces HP Q5950A-3A

Pelikan 629401-418-432-425 replaces HP Q6000A-3A

Pelikan 629449-456-470-463 replaces HP Q6470A-3A

Pelikan 629449-487-500-494 replaces HP 501A-3A

Pelikan 629524 replaces Samsung ML-2010D3

Pelikan 630223 replaces Kyocera TK-310

Pelikan 630230 replaces Kyocera TK-120

Pelikan 4200129 replaces Brother TN-2120

Pelikan 4200143 replaces HP CB435A

Pelikan 4200150 replaces HP CB436A

Pelikan 4200198 replaces Samsung ML-D2850A

Pelikan 4203137 replaces HP CC364A

Pelikan 4203144 replaces HP CC364X

Pelikan 4203199 replaces Samsung SCX-D4200A

Pelikan 4203205 replaces Samsung SCX-4216D3

Pelikan 4203250 replaces Brother TN-2110

Pelikan 4203267 replaces HP Q5945A

Pelikan 4203311-28-42-35 replaces HP CB540A-3A

Pelikan 4204417 replaces Samsung ML-D2850B

Pelikan 4207159 replaces HP CE505A

Pelikan 4207166 replaces HP CE505X

Pelikan 4207173 replaces HP CC530A

Pelikan 4207296 replaces Samsung MLT-D2092L

Pelikan 4211903 replaces HP CE255A

Pelikan 4211910 replaces HP CE255X

Pelikan 4211927 replaces HP CE285A

Pelikan 4211934 replaces HP CE278A

Pelikan 4211996 replaces Kyocera TK-130

Pelikan 4213631 replaces Brother TN-2220

Pelikan 4213945 replaces HP C8061X

Pelikan 4214034-41-65-58 replaces HP CE320A-3A

Pelikan 4214119 replaces Kyocera TK170

Pelikan 4215390 replaces Brother TN-2010

Pelikan 4215451 replaces Samsung MLT-D1042S

Pelikan 4215468 replaces Samsung MLT-D1052L

Pelikan 4218001-4228796-8819-02 replaces HP305X/A

Pelikan 4218049-56-70-63 replaces HP507X/A

Pelikan 4218087 replaces HP CE390A

Pelikan 4218247 replaces Samsung MLT-D1092S

Pelikan 4221902 replaces HP CB436A

Pelikan 4225023 replaces HP CF280A

Pelikan 4225030 replaces HP CF280X

Pelikan 4229601 replaces Samsung MLT-D103S

Pelikan 4229618 replaces Samsung MLT-D103L

Pelikan 4229649 replaces Samsung MLT-D205L

Pelikan 627735-42-66-59 replaces HP 654A serie

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