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Customer cases

Savings on printing costs can be realised easily without sacrificing the quality of the print work. The following organisations have since learned that this is the case. Read how they orientated themselves, what decided the matter and how they experienced the transition to different cartridges.

CAW De Kempen: efficiency improvement at two levels

In the public sector, cost savings are a regular subject on the agenda. Leen Thielemans has worked for the Centrum Algemeen Welzijnswerk (CAW) De Kempen for 27 years and knows all about that. When it came to replacing all the printers, she grabbed the opportunity to make efficiency improvements on two levels.

Try Pelikan cartridges?

A lot of companies do a test before switching to the alternative cartridges of Pelikan. Pelikan has a quality solution for virtually every printer and takes over the warranty on your printer as well. And in the end you will save significantly on your printer costs.

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