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Introducing a truly game-changing solution for the environment

PRPS, once again, delivers genuine innovation and this time through the development of the Pelikan branded Bio-Based printer cartridge range.

Available from May 2020, Pelikan branded Bio-Based cartridges deliver a genuine breakthrough for printer cartridge users and the people who sell them.

Pelikan branded Bio-Based cartridges are manufactured using 48% bio-based material to make the toner and 57% bio-based materials to make the plastics for the casing and components. This special formulation is actually a Thermoplastic and this is different and has major benefits versus other plastics which other manufacturers have used to date.

certified quality

certified quality

General certifications: ISO 9001,       ISO 14001 and IECQ QC080000

Products certifications:  DIN 33870, DIN 33871, ISO 19752, ISO 19798, ISO 24711 and Nordic Swan

smart savings

smart savings

Up to 40% cost reduction with an equal page yield

fully compatible

fully compatible

Tailored to specific requirements of printers

Easy to replace and full customer service

free extended warranty

free extended warranty

+1 extra year guarantee on cartridges (full 3 years)

Printer warranty is not affected

All Pelikan branded Bio-Based cartridges achieve the prestigious TUV certification. This rating is based upon the volume of raw materials that are obtained from bio-based sources material during the manufacturing process. To qualify for TUV official certification at least 20% of materials used in the manufacturing process must come from non-fossil fuel sources. Pelikan branded Bio-Based products exceed this threshold by some margin with 48% of the toner material and 57% of the materials used for the plastics coming from non-fossil fuel sources.

Pelikan branded Bio-Based cartridge benefits at a glance:-

  • Manufactured using a high proportion of bio-based materials and less fossil fuels.

  • Designed to be green instead of black for easy identification and collection.

  • Designed specifically to be collected, recycled or remanufactured.

  • Reduced CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process.

  • Can be composted and under the certain conditions the products will start to degrade, meaning that in the unlikely event the product went into landfill the impact to the environment would be significantly reduced versus other products used today.

  • The thermoplastic used for the casing is designed to be recycled and re-formed at very low temperatures, which means less CO2 emissions and no toxic gas emissions, such as Nitrite and Sulphide.

  • The carton and packing materials are composed of recycled materials, bio-degradable materials and are designed to have less impact on the environment.

  • Vegetable based inks used to print the packaging.

Remember, Pelikan branded Bio-Based products are specifically designed to be recycled or remanufactured. They are green instead of black so that they can easily be identified. They contain bio-based materials (57% for the plastics and 48% for the toner) which dramatically reduces the requirement for fossil fuels in the manufacturing process.

PRPS has a unique and completely free of charge recycling and collection programme to help users and dealers collect and return Pelikan branded Bio-Based toners for recycling. Should any cartridges not be collected and go to landfill they will actually start to degrade after 90-180 days once the conditions reach a specified level of 60 °C and 90 °C of humidity.

After 10 years of scientific development and investment, Pelikan branded Bio-Based products are finally here.

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