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Below you will find the frequently asked questions:

Usually, the terms ‘compatible or remanufactured cartridges’ refer to cartridges that were not produced by the printer manufacturer (OEM) but are nevertheless compatible with your printer. In general, compatible cartridges are a lot cheaper than the cartridges of the printer manufacturer.

As a company we focus on high quality and high performance consumables 

An OEM (=Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridge is produced by the printer manufacturer and sold under that brand name.

In general, this is the cartridge that comes with the printer.

Compatible new built printer cartridges are brand new cartridges that replace the cartridges of the printer manufacturer (OEM). In many cases, these cartridges do not respect the intellectual property of other parties and are therefore illegal.

The printing quality of new built cartridges may differ from brand to brand. It is Our company policy to always respect the intellectual property of other parties and only offer products of the highest printing quality. We only provide Intellectual Property (IP) safe compatible products and remanufactured products.

remanufactured compatible printer cartridge contains both new and reused components. In the case of our remanufactured cartridges, an empty cartridge from the original printer manufacturer (OEM) is taken through the process of collecting, cleaning, examining and replacing worn out parts by our technical experts. The cartridge is then re-filled with ink or toner and tested before being sold for re-use. All our products meet or exceed the stated OEM yield.

Our Bio-Based products are most environmentally friendly option.


No matter what your printer manufacturer claims, the warranty provided with the printer is not affected by using alternative printing supplies. By law, the statutory guarantee of your printer may not be influenced by using alternative cartridges. In fact, many laws encourage the use of remanufactured cartridges to improve sustainability and boost fair competition.

In the very unlikely event that Pelikan branded printer cartridges cause problems to your printer, PRE/PRPS takes over the warranty of your printer and provides support.

Click here for more information on our warranty policy.


Cartridges produced by the OEM are much more expensive. OEM's offer printers at a very low price to lock in a large base of consumers. They earn back their investment with high profits on printer supplies. Alternative manufacturers don’t make printers and can therefore offer cartridges at a more realistic price.

We are one of these alternative manufacturers and has been producing inks since the end of the 19th century, and printer supplies since the 1970s. You can consider Pelikan as a real specialist that is therefore able to produce high quality printer supplies at attractive prices.

Another reason for the lower prices is that we often uses empty original cartridges that are being remanufactured. By cleaning and replacing worn out parts and filling them with high quality ink/toner, We give them a second life as a remanufactured cartridge. Ultimately, the consumer and the environment benefit from this form of ‘fair competition’.

Please visit our cartridge finder and search for the original cartridge number or printer model to find a compatible Pelikan branded cartridge.

If you search for a cartridge on this website via products or by using our cartridge finder, the page where you will find your compatible cartridge will also show availability online AND in shops nearby.

A list of all shops can be found @ our dealer locator.

You can use the envelope delivered with your cartridge to return empty cartridges. In case this is not available, please visit our recycling service. Please contact us for information about our collection system.

Are you a business user and do you have a collection of empty cartridges? Please visit our business recycling service


If you are a retail shop, online store, wholesaler or contract stationer, please let us know if you’re interested in becoming an Authorised Pelikan branded Reseller.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Pelikan branded partner in our reseller section and contact us!

Please let us know your question via our contact page.

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