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The Pelikan brand partners with Synaxon UK

30 Jan. 2020

Print-Rite Europe has formed an alliance with Synaxon UK which will allow users full access to the Pelikan branded range of printer supplies. Pelikan branded products will be made available through Synaxon’s EGIS online stock availability checking and order management platform.

Steve Weedon commented on the new partnership: “We are very excited about the launch with Synaxon UK. There is a natural synergy between their approach and that of Print-Rite Europe and the Pelikan brand values.

“The Pelikan brand delivers high quality and high levels of recognition with End Users and Dealers across Western Europe, the Americas and a number of other important regions. The brand itself has been around for the best part of 180 years and the partnership with Print-Rite means that we can deliver the best quality and best offer to dealers in the market.”

Print-Rite Europe also announced its new customer loyalty programme that is about to launch, which is also part of a range of new initiatives the company is currently starting.

Weedon said: “When planning the UK launch, we decided to simply copy what the OEMs do on the basis of Pelikan being such a strong brand. OEMs have loyalty programmes of one sort or another for their end user customers, so we are going to do that. OEMs have structured programmes for their dealers so we are going to do that too, and have a tiered structure with increasing levels of benefits as dealers start to work with us more deeply. OEMs have structured promotional plans and pricing policies so as you might expect; that’s exactly the way we will approach the market”.

When asked about his objectives for the Pelikan brand in the UK, Weedon said: “It’s really very simple; Dealers can keep on buying cheaper and cheaper products and selling at lower and lower prices. Guess what; they will end up making no money and frankly, we are watching it happen. The Pelikan brand offers a different approach where Dealers can increase their average selling prices, make more cash profit and get rewarded with all kinds of bonuses, rebates and of course, Points as they grow. This is what the OEMs do and it works. That will be the approach for Pelikan branded products and honestly, it’s exciting.”

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