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We feel a high responsibility to reduce waste and spare the earth's natural resources. It is our company policy to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. When people want to do their bit for the planet, they choose the Pelikan brand.

If you have any questions about recycling, please contact us.


PRPS is an ISO 14001 certified company, which requires PRPS to systematically looks at all of its activities that have an environmental impact. Their environmental awareness is also reflected in the Nordic Swan certificate for many of our remanufactured laser cartridges. In practice this means the Pelikan brand uses no harmful substances in its inks, toners and colours, while reducing waste and the consumption of energy and raw materials.


One way to play our part in caring for the environment is to be sure that when we print something, it’s right first time. Pelikan branded ink and toner are wipe-resistant for smudge-free and streak-free printing, giving you professional-looking documents. And with precise colour reproduction, you always have a perfect print image when using the Pelikan brand.

Apart from expert quality, we always offer cartridges with technically, highest possible content, to establish a fair balance between the container and the ink or toner inside of the container.


Another way is to reuse empty cartridges whenever possible, giving them a second life as a remanufactured cartridge. PRPS has a free recycling programme and not only collects empty Pelikan branded cartridges, but also empty cartridges of other manufacturers. We offer a free recycling service – providing recycling boxes and collect them when they are full.

By doing so, PRPS collected nearly 1.500 ton of empty cartridges in 2015. Of which more than 1.200 ton could be reused. We reuse 100% of all non-wearing parts of empty toner cartridges in our remanufacturing process, saving up to 1.5 kg of raw material per cartridge.

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