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Sustainability Policy

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Last updated: August 2021 

PRP Solutions and Print-Rite Europe Limited are subsidiaries of the ultimate parent company Print-Rite Group Limited. The entire group attaches great importance to environmental issues and takes responsibility for doing whatever we can to reduce our CO2 footprint and advocate practice of eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. These are not only our legal obligations but also our social responsibilities reducing air pollutant emissions, saving energy and reducing consumption, and increasing economic benefits at the same time.

Print-Rite was the first enterprise within the imaging consumables industry to realize the importance of strengthening environmental protection management from a systems perspective and was the first to achieve ISO14001( ISO 9001), In 2015. Since 2002 Print-Rite has continuously rated as a Cleaner Production Enterprise” in Guandong Province, China. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology awarded Print-Rite with the “National Demonstration Enterprise of Mechanical and Electrical Remanufacturing ”certificate in recognition of its achievements. Print-Rite is to date the only such recognized company in the whole Guangdong province area.

Often regarded as the “circular economy” reducing consumption of energy and lowering CO2 levels is our utmost focus challenge. Print-Rite has carried out related work on the recycling of all printing consumables establishing a recycling network for waste products throughout China and has collected used consumables in Europe for more than 15 years, thereby reducing waste that normally would be discarded at landfill site of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters. Recognition of this achievement was noticed when Print-Rite won the award for “Comprehensive Utilization of Resources leading Enterprise of Guangdong Province” and “The Circular Pilot Enterprise in Guangdong Province” in 2011. Print-Rite leads the way and has set benchmarks for the healthy development of  the environmentally friendly remanufacturing consumables industry. 

Print-Rite practices and advocates the “green industry” Cooperating with the China Environmental United Certification Century of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Print-Rite has initiated and established a series of environmental protection standards of the “China Environmental Labelling” of Chinese manufactured printing consumables industry, representing the highest level of printing consumables remanufacturing in China.

Since 2010, long before CO2 levels became a highly focused topic with our customers. Print-Rite has been conducting carbon emission testing and has continuously reduced carbon emission for 10 consecutive years through a series of measures such as updating to modern equipment with less output emissions, energy and power saving upgrades that reduce energy consumption lowering CO2, reducing greenhouse gas effects protecting our environment by doing our bit. In the last 10 year period the Print-Rite contribution to energy saving and carbon reduction is equivalent to planting 32,000 trees. Not enough to save our planet on our own, but imagine if all companies in the world what a difference it would make as a combined total.

Innovation is a central and core competence at Print-Rite. In 2020 PRP Solutions GmbH released its first range of Bio Based laser cartridges. Not an ordinary cartridge, Bio Based cartridges are the first in the world to use organic materials for the toner powder and bio plastics that can be recovered and reused for the cartridge plastics. Bio Based cartridges were award the first Bio Based certification from TÜV AUSTRIA for reducing its carbon foot print by more than 20%. These products are designed to be recycled and reused and are the best eco-friendly cartridges in the entire world for those discerning customers wanting to reduce their own CO2 footprint when printing. Eco-friendly products are in high demand and through our innovation initiatives we have developed many new products that increase cartridge yields, reduces CO2 footprints and creates an economic business benefit to Resellers and Dealers. High yields as much as 5 times the standard OEM yield reduces CO2 to only 20% of the OEM if using 5 OEM cartridges.

When using OEM cartridges, the transfer systems from drum to paper is not 100% transfer efficient. Most OEMs lose 15% of the toner that does not transfer to the page and usually gets wiped off the transfer device and pushed into a waste toner reservoir designed in the cartridge housing. At Print-Rite we pioneered development of our “full toner use system”. This means that All the toner gets used and prints on the paper as needed without any waste. Our proprietary design is patented and unique and a system when used that is a win-win for everyone concerned. More prints = lower cost per print, more toner use means less carbon waste, less cartridge changes means less CO2, More prints means more profits for MPS customers and the end user changes cartridges less often and reduces his overall print costs. Innovation is key at Print-Rite.

At Print-Rite our efforts for the environment are long term and part of our culture through our group. Our social responsibility is understood and our Corporate responsibility is taken seriously. Recycling for reuse, remanufacturing, is good. Making IP safe compatibles that can be remanufactured has less CO2 footprint than Remanufactured products because it does not need collecting and transporting after the Virgin cycle, Bio Based products  can reduce dependence on fossil fuel derivatives by half and eco - friendly bigger yield designed products reduce CO2 levels whilst making the cartridge more profitable. Collection of our used cartridges continue throughout the world and our innovation continues. 


PRP Solutions GmbH, Büttnerstraße 15, 30165 Hannover, Germany 
Phone: +49 (0)511 515 46 287

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