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PRPS Pelikan Brand Launch

4 Nov. 2019

Boost your green credentials with a Pelikan branded OEM alternative consumable

Having finally launched into the UK in January this year, businesses now have the opportunity to take advantage of what this well-known European brand has to offer with its range of alternative to OEM consumables

In Germany and several other places, Pelikan cartridges and toners are the leading alternatives to OEM consumables. Pelikan has been a brand for over 180 years and they have been in the cartridge market for well over 20 years. In Germany last year €10 million of Pelikan branded cartridges were sold

With alternative printer supplies, users are offered an opportunity to lower costs with savings of up to 30 per cent compared to the original printer manufacturer with a guaranteed same or higher page yield. All Pelikan branded cartridges fit perfectly and are easy to replace. They are further tailored to the specific requirements of the most popular printers for guaranteed compatibility.

Paul Callow, Marketing Director said, “2019 was a pretty unexciting year in the world of printer cartridges and consumables. Little innovation from the manufacturers. No new programmes designed to help users save money or print more cleverly. 2020 is already different and after the best part of a decade of nothingness, this year will bring new things and genuine innovation which will actually mean something to people buying consumables. There is more to come. In fact, Pelikan will shortly introduce a whole new product category which will transform what people use in their printers.”

Key Technology and environmental benefits

Print-Rite & PRP Soloutions GmbH researches, develops and produces all its cartridges to the highest quality standards in the industry. Its remanufactured laser cartridges have been awarded the Nordic Swan certificate that stands for less waste and lower consumption of energy and raw materials.

Free cartridge disposal - the recycling service provides recycling bags and boxes that are collected when full. We not only collects empty Pelikan branded cartridges, but also empty cartridges of other manufacturers.

Ensuring quality printing - one way to play our part in caring for the environment is to be sure that when we print something, it’s right the first time. Pelikan branded ink and toner are wipe-resistant for smudge-free and streak-free printing, giving you professional-looking documents. Pelikan branded cartridges also feature precise colour reproduction and are filled with the highest possible content.

Remanufactured cartridges - reusing empty cartridges whenever possible gives them a second life as a remanufactured cartridge. As part of the recycling programme, empty cartridges are collected and remanufactured. If the cartridge is unfit for remanufacturing, it is recycled so there is 0 per cent landfill.

Key Benefits

All production facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QC080000 certified. The QC080000 certificate requires that we systematically looks at all its activities that have an environmental impact.

By testing the toner powder in the laser cartridges according to DIN 33870, we makes sure that its laser cartridges do not harm the health of your company’s employees.

Other benefits include:

  • Smart savings - up to 30% versus OEM. Margins available are up to 60%
  • Fully compatible - tailored to specific requirements of printers
  • Easy to replace and full customer service
  • Free extended warranty – a full 3 years
  • Full support and customer service
  • Extended printer service - should your printer breakdown, an independent company will come to your office within 48 hours - this procedure is secured in our ISO 9001 protocol

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