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Nowadays, the label is given by an independent auditor who declares that the internal tests (ISO yield and DIN) meet the requirements of Nordic Swan. In other words, you cannot declare yourself Nordic Swan certified. This is probably the reason that currently only 7 companies offer certified toner cartridges according to the new Nordic Swan regulations.

Safe choice for ecology, quality and health

Using laser cartridges several times reduces the total consumption and accordingly the environmental impact of the product throughout its service life. The label guarantees among other things that climate requirements are taken into account, and that CO2 emissions (and other harmful gasses) are limited. This is not only important for the environment in general, but for the personal health of end users as well.



Reduce waste

  • A minimum of 75% of the weight of the cartridge is re-used
  • An empty cartridge collection programme is in place
  • All waste has to be recycled. No landfill!

Quality and regulatory requirements

  • Complaint quote below 1%
  • Lab Analysis according to DIN EN ISO 17025
  • Printing quality according to DIN 33870-1 and DIN 33870-2 (This procedure has to audited by an independent auditor – PRE/PRPS uses SGS)
  • Printing yield according to ISO 19752 and ISO 19798 (This procedure has to audited by an independent auditor – PRE/PRPS uses SGS)
  • ISO 14001 has to be in place


Nordic Swan certified toner cartridges do not contain toner powder or any other materials that are hazardous to health or ecology. Checked are:

  • Toner powder (LGA certified)
  • Replaced parts
  • Packaging

In conclusion, toner cartridges that are Nordic Swan certified offer both the trade and end users the highest safety with regards to ecology, quality and health.



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