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WH Office becomes latest authorised Pelikan Brand distributor for Hard copy consumable products.

8 Jun. 2022

In an era where global warming is an urgent matter that concerns us all. Pelikan branded Eco-Friendly toner cartridges are now available that use innovative patented technologies to reduce the CO2 footprints by as much as 75% compared to new OEM originals. These patented pioneering technologies have taken more than 10 years to develop and create 3 product groups that are designed to reduce the CO2 footprint, increase the reseller profit margins, and fill the increasing demand from end users looking for better environmentally friendly products.

Pelikan branded “no waste“ toner cartridge designs have eliminated the waste toner generated in the normal life cycle of OEM original cartridges and Remanufactured cartridges. This is achieved by using new innovative technology within the cartridge, saving up to 15% of the toner fill weight which is usually left in the cartridge at end of life, and usually ends up in land fill. That reduces the CO2 footprint, but we also reduce the amount of plastic use in the cartridge design and extend the yields up to 9 times that of the OEM original, which is more CO2 reduction and a big business benefit to the reseller or MPS service provider.

Pelikan Branded Bio Based cartridges reduces CO2 footprints by a minimum of 20% and are TUV certified as Bio Based products using organic material content for toner powder and plastics. The only cartridge brand in the world that has a bio based TUV certification.

Eco-Friendly Duo Brother Replacement products double the yield to reduce CO2 footprint by 50% and has a patented reset counter lever mechanism to restart the counter for the second cycle that does not involve rotating the count gearing mechanism of the original that infringes the OEM patent. IP Safe and 50% reduction of CO2 footprint.

Reduced CO2 footprints, less petrochemical derivative usage, increases cartridge yields, elimination of waste toners and lower CPP, all adds up to what customers are calling for.

It’s widely known that realistically, there hasn’t been any real innovation in terms of actual changes to the way laser imaging products are built and work in this industry for well over 20 years. CO2 reduction and Eco-friendly products are in high demand, across every sector and with this NEW breakthrough in innovation, many Eco-Friendly products that increase cartridge yields, reduces the CO2 footprint, and creates an economic business benefit to Resellers and Dealers have been developed. This leads to all manner of benefits for Customers, Dealers but most importantly the environment. High yields as much as 9 times the standard OEM yield reduces CO2 to only 20% of the OEM if using 5 OEM cartridges. Which in in turn LOWERS the cost per page and with this kind of innovation more printers can be offered under the MPS contract system, that are more profitable for the MPS service provider.

When using OEM cartridges, the transfer systems from drum to paper is not a perfect technology. OEMs lose up to 15% of the toner that does not transfer to the page and usually gets wiped off the OPC and diverted into a waste toner hopper designed in the cartridge housing. The latest innovation and development is the No Waste - full toner use system. This means that All the toner gets used and prints on the paper as needed without any waste. Our proprietary design is patented and unique and a system, when used, that is a win-win for everyone concerned. 100% toner use means zero carbon toner powder waste, reducing overall CO2. Innovation is key. Pelikan branded cartridges meet OEM stated yields but uses less toner to do so – great, CO2 reduction and better for the planet.

Our efforts for the environment are long term and part of our culture through our group. Our social responsibility is understood, and our corporate responsibility is taken seriously. Recycling for reuse, remanufacturing, is good. Making IP safe compatibles that can be remanufactured has less CO2 footprint than Remanufactured products because it does not need collecting and transporting after the Virgin cycle, Pelikan branded Bio Based products can reduce dependence on fossil fuel derivatives by half and the NEW eco - friendly higher yield designed products reduce CO2 levels whilst making the cartridge more profitable. Collection of used cartridges continue throughout the world and our innovation continues, and don’t be fooled by the ‘single use design’ rhetoric, Pelikan branded compatible cartridges have always been designed to be remanufactured using standard parts and supplies.

Just in case you are still unfamiliar with eco-friendly compatible toner cartridges, this article will guide you to form a comprehensive understanding of them and recommend the best place to get environmentally friendly products. Read the full article here. You can also watch our latest webinar here


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